Welcome To Travel Mazi Mou


In Greek we say

Καλώς ήρθατε

Travel Mazi Mou  (TMM) is a collaboration of dynamic, passionate, Greek and American women entrepreneurs coming together “mazi” to share Greek culture and cuisine with others who love travel and fine food.

Chef Krystina Kalapothakos and her team have many years of professional experience with a lifetime of personal history, to create this special adventure we are eager to share with you!

Come join us on one of our unique odysseys in Greece!

Why Greece you ask?

Discover the beauty of what Greece has to offer! The stunning blue beaches, the Mediterranean cuisine, the remarkable history, and the home of philosophers, artists, and famous poets.  Explore the beautiful Mediterranean climate, and learn how to make traditional and modern Greek dishes with Chef Krystina and guest chefs.  LIVE LIKE A LOCAL! Come explore the many gems our adventures have to offer. 

Why book with us? 

Travel Mazi Mou literally walks the adventures before they take place. This ensures a beautiful experience for each of our participants ; all the while, building positive relationships with our vendors. We make sure to create an unforgettable experience with memories to last a lifetime.

Gems of Greece

Connecting with Your Inner Self

Tasty Cuisine

Historical Art

TMM is an exclusively curated getaway company designed for small groups (maximum 8 persons). We believe these intimate adventures are the most rewarding and authentic cultural experiences in Greece; Often forming new friendships  that last long after our time together.